Soroa: the Rainbow of Cuba

At the bottom of the winding road from utopian village of Las Terrazas (about 20 minutes by car) is Soroa, the Rainbow of Cuba. Eloisa, once the local school teacher, created an organic farm for medicinal plants and fresh blends of tropical fruit she grows.

eloisa Fruit stand

She serves wild crafted teas, coffee, and tropical fruit juices grown on her farm and hosts rejuvenating tours of her exquisite farm and homemade lookout. Her vision for creating a sustainable educational farm came from her desire to pass on her ancestral knowledge of plants as medicine. Her farm is part of a network of sustainable farmers.

eloisas farm long shot

She manages the farm with her  brother and children.

Eloisa's family farm
Eloisa and her children
Organic strawberries
Enjoy fresh fruit juices grown on the farm and tour her fabulous healing garden
Eloisa collects and propagates over 300 species of local orchids in an effort to repopulate the regional orchids

Her outdoor porch and dinning area look over the lush tropical forest.

View from Eloisa's farm
View from Eloisa’s farm in Soroa
Organic medicinal farm in Soroa, Cuba
View from the farm in Soroa, Cuba

Eloisa became a community leader and was elected as the area government representative. Under her leadership volunteers created a community park. They created a PowerPoint presentation of the park construction. Volunteers create a community park.

Soroa Community Park

A few miles down the road is the beautiful swimable waterfall.


On the day we arrived, a vendor was selling pina colada (rum optional)

Pina colada at the waterfall
Pina Colada by the waterfall

Just above the falls is an outdoor bar and grill.

A few miles down the road is the Patio Cultural del Cimaron run by ethnographer and chef Maye.

She has collected local recipes for food and health tonics and teaches crafts to local students. Maye and her daughter cook in an outdoor kitchen using mostly wild-crafted ingredients and tools.

Outdoor dinning room
Local ethnographer and chef gathers traditional recipes and serves them in her outdoor dinning room
meal maye
A hearty stew made from local ingredients from a recipe handed down for generations from families who survived in the  mountains after escaping from slavery
maye corn bread
maye cake
Delicious desert roasted in banana leaf
Traditional dining
Wildcrafted meal served in traditional guards with traditional recipe handed down from generations.

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