Las Terrazas: an intentional community

Las Terrazas is a magical place. Nestled in the tropical forest valley, it is home to about 1,200 people. As part of the Sierra del Rosario mountain range, a designated eco-preserve its population enjoy locally grown organic foods, limited traffic, and strong local governance.


View of the village from the eco-hotel, La Moka

The eco-hotel, La Moka, looks out over the village, and hosts a bar and restaurant with views of the tropical canopy. The architect designed the hotel lobby around the native trees.

The Moka Hotel lobby
Moka Hotel lobby

Just below the Moka Hotel is Cuba’s first vegetarian, farm to table restaurant, El Romero.

There are two organic coffee shops as well as a bar and grill on the river.

las terrezas
Bar and grill on the river in Las Terrazas

The town of Las Terrazas is separated by a river, complete with flamingos, fresh water fish, and a swimming areas.


Visitors can ride on a ziplinez over the river from one side of the canopy to the other.

The tiny town boosts several artists studios open to visits including hand made paper, word etchings, and the world re-known Lester Campos.






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